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Radikha L.

Gemma helped me throughout my pregnancy making it more comfortable for me every step of the way with her knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs. She advised me on how to nourish my body and my baby. In my third trimester, Gemma gave me a wonderful Ayurvedic abhyanga with boluses for some pain that I was experiencing under my ribs. After the birth of my little guy, Kyanite, Gemma advised me on Ayurvedic postpartum selfcare, helped me with Kyanite's jaundice, cradle cap, among many other things. I am beyond grateful to Gemma for sharing her knowledge, skills and love with me and my baby. I am completely confident with my healthcare, in Gemma's healing hands.

Claudia C.

I’ve been so lucky to find Gemma in my life when I was facing tremendous changes that I wasn’t even aware of all of them by then. When I started working with Gemma, 

I was a bomb about to explode. I was having panic and anxiety attacks and my emotions were all over me. I was doubting about myself and about my decisions. I was really scared. I also had this itchiness on my chest and belly for about 4 or 5 months and started to develop -after 10 years with no symptoms- a really bad gastritis. She was very patient with me, she listened to me and joined me to untangle all this confusion I had in my head and chest. That was right before COVID-19 and I can swear I don’t know what it would it be of me without Gemma!! After the treatment she gave me and the changes in my routines, I felt much more positive about everything around me. I started to do a lot of changes in my life and resume old projects I had with excitement. I faced the COVID crisis with an optimist and strength that I’m still surprised about. I started to see the light in the dark. And I can tell that was the beginning for a big shift for me! I can not be more thankful!

Sanatan J.

Gemma is an Ayurvedic practitioner and she has a wonderful fair knowledge about Ayurvedic I am a recent transplant from India and all this years I was blessed to have ancient Ayurvedic remedies to treat for any illness. I have caught hyper tension due to stress and insomnia here in USA. I tried allopathic medicines but couldn’t get relief Then I happened to meet Dr Gemma she took wonderful care of me and in three month time I got myself cured with her treatment of Ayurvedic medication. I am grateful to Gemma and recommend her to all my friends. Thank you doctor keep up the great work.     

Alina O.

Working with Gemma was a very special experience. Her energy invites vulnerability and compassion. I appreciated her knowledge of what I needed based on our consultation and appreciated the herbs she recommended. I feel more empowered in my healing journey and process because of  her recommendations and having her as a healing support. She is a blessed practitioner and I am grateful

to have her in my life. 

- Craniosacral therapist & social justice educator 

Marisha P.

Gemmas work takes place beneath the surface. Just as plants take root, her wisdom runs deep. Her highly intuitive nature combined with extensive plant medicine research makes her products a jumpstart,  back to optimum health. I am truly grateful to have found Gemma and experience Chandra Soma medicine.

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