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Gemma Habibi

Hello Everyone I'm Gemma!

Traditionally trained Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner located in Los Angeles, CA. 


Chandra Soma provides traditional Ayurvedic Treatments for balancing body, mind, and overall well-being. Specializing in in Marma therapy, Rasayana (rejuvenation), Garbhini parichaya (Ayurvedic pregnancy & postnatal Care), Vajikarana (aphrodisiacs), and many other healing treatments. 


Every treatment is personally tailored and designed for your specific needs. Come start your journey to wellness today.

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Gemma Habibi

A.H.C, A.P / Clinical Ayurvedic Practitor

Traditional Ayurveda

What is Ayūrveda?

Ayurveda is a beautiful holistic, natural, and complete healing medical system. Developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, making it the oldest known medical system in the world. Ayurveda translates to science of life, the main focus is to promote health, and prevent diseases by balancing the mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic philosophy believes that we’re a microcosm of the macrocosm therefore we have all the elements residing inside us, air, space, fire, water and earth. We’re all composed of different amounts of each, our diet and lifestyles will sometimes create imbalances that can lead to illness if left untreated. Balance is achieved with diet, herbs, spices and the use of powerful body work therapies. Ayurveda teaches us to bring back balance for optimal health and wellness as well as living in nature with harmony. Because we’re all a unique composition of these natural elements Ayurveda treats everyone as an individual, it’s not one-size fits all approach at all. We treat the person not the disease.

How does Ayūrveda work?

It’s a holistic system that revives and activates our innate natural ability to heal and use our bodies intelligence for self-healing. According to this beautiful and ancient time tested philosophy, the majority of the time, disease is a result of imbalances, impurities and excess toxins that we accumulate day by day. Ayurveda equips us with specialized tools to help diagnose imbalances and diseases in the first stages, often before disease has manifested fully or even has a chance to develop. Eliminating the excess of toxins and balancing the body will allow you to live a life of vibrant health and joy. 


During consultation we will extensively review your medical history, after assessing your imbalances I can recommend individualized lifestyle changes, dietary guidelines,  herbs and potential supportive body treatments depending on your specific needs to bring your body back to homeostasis. 


There are three vital energies, Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water) .We’re all born with a unique constitution, the combination and most dominant dosha will determine our unique makeup of different elements that determine our physical, mental, emotional predisposition and tendencies for specific diseases in the future.  Vata, Pitta and Kapha have specific functions within our bodies and work together when everything is in balance. Health is achieved when all the Doshas are in perfect balance. Maintaining daily routine, exercise, self abhyanga and diet specific to your unique dosha helps keep you in harmony and in balance for optimal health. 


Your constitution: Prakruti and Vikruti

You are unique and will manifest imbalances differently from other individuals, the proportion of doshas in your constitution and the qualities expressed by them is different in each person, much like finger prints. This is the first step to determine actual levels of Doshas and determine tendencies and susceptibility for potential certain diseases. Prakruti is our natural state, our nature when we’re born. Knowing your constitution is the first step, determining you Vikruti is also important, vikruti is the state of imbalance and current state, knowing this is most important because that’s how we can bring the body back to balance. 

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